My sweet darling: you are growing so quick. One day you’re an infant and the next you’re running. I want to nourish your mind, body, and soul. I sing and dance with you. I read to you. I bring you around environments and people that are positive in hopes that you absorb all of the goodness. I become overjoyed when we go to the bookstore and see you roaming around and picking at different books. I lost my love for reading years ago but for you I hope to find it again. 

What’s my problem?

I have no clue what my theme for my blog should be. I enjoy thinking of and creating content but I struggle with a consistent theme for my blog. I first started this blog as a mommy blog, but also thought about exceeding and food and crafting and all these other things. Then I thought, “well I should just make this a lifestyle, everything blog”. Yet, now as I was reading through my posts, I wish I had a more consistent theme. 

Everyone, I need help!